Thursday, January 27, 2011

Introduction of my thesis :) about SINGLE PARENTHOOD :D

"The Effects of Single Parenthood and Its Benefit or Harm to the children"


  Family is the best thing that you could ever wish for. They are there for you on the ups and downs of your life and will love you no matter what happens. They are always there. It is difficult for a person specifically teenagers to live without a family especially without his or her parents. Our father and mother cannot be replaced by anyone.

Family has a great influence in our life. Even though family is considered the smallest unit in a community, but they are the one who molds us to be a better person. Our personality reflects on what is the status of our family and on what has been the teaching of our parents to us. They are also the one who is making us feel that we are loved.

  But as time passed by, There are many changes occuring in families. There are many broken families nowadays that causes the increasing of numbers of family consisting only of a single parent.
  Single parents is faced with many trials. Along are the problems on financial,emotional, and social aspects. But even though it is hard to be a single parent. It also has a good result when it comes to the relationship between the parent and child. The problems,effects to the children, and any other issues will be discussed here.


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  1. Hi Kaimen, if I may offer you some advice in academic writing, it's best to state quantitative facts such as statistics on your introduction, like how many percent of broken families are present in your area. I get good tips from thesis help desk for pointers on writing thesis introductions and statements.

    Single parenthood really is a pressing issue, one that needs more room for discussion. I like the intent in which your thesis is written and I hope this helps.